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    Can ya'll help me? I have a simple missile launcher with 2 missiles. The turret follows the mouse.   Left Click once, fires the missile. particles are spawned and every tick forced to stay behind the missile. click again to fire the second before the 1st leaves the screen. then right after the first missile is destroyed when event "Missile not on layout Destroy missile and destroy particle" happens, click the mouse. No further missiles will fire because amount = 0..

    PROBLEM: The second missiles particles will stop wherever they were when you clicked the third time, and not stay attached to the missile.

    Why? And can you help me fix it?

    Thanks Forum Buddies!


    Here is "A" solution, (probably not the best!).

    I cant really explain it - But i have a feeling that the other particle stops because there is an uneven amount of particles on the screen. And you only have 1 event binding the particles to the missle.

    To fix it i simply put the particles to a holder object instead of destroying it. I added fade to the particles so they should be destroyed in their own time.

  • Thanks, That is a descent work around... but I am going to keep at it until I figure out what is going on. My logic must be tweaked somehow. Anyone else got an Idea.

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  • Event 12 - missile: Set SmkID to Particles.UID - not IID

    Event 5 - missile: Is Launched -> set particles pos and angle - remove "for each" and "pick"

  • Thanks I think that fixed it.   Thanks Guys!

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