How do I make my particle interact with a solid/physics object?

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  • My goal here is to make a fountain. I made a particle that shoots water, with effects and all that, its perfect. But my particle is bouncing off nothing. I wanted to make it fall on a pit and stay there for some time until it disappears, but it doesnt make contact with solids, im kinda lost.

  • As far as I know, unfortunately, you will have to make your own particles;

    -make a sprite 'drop', give it a "bullet" behaviour and "solid".


    - use "for" loop to create 50 objects 'water drop'

    - set angle of motion to something like "random(240, 300)"

    - set parameters such as "speed of motion = random(500,1000)", "gravity = ..." etc, to make it look the way you want.

    - On collision between "drop" and "ground" do some other actions, such as "disable bullet begaviour", change animation, etc...

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  • You can't.

    Think of a particle emitter as a canvas that's drawing particles, those are not actual objects, with all the overhead objects have, including collision detection.

    You can only check collision on the Bbox of the particle object.

    To get more control over the particles you would need to make your own emitter with a sprite object.

    It will have more overhead cost for processing, but it's the only way.

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