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  • Hey everyone!

    I have setup an emitter to follow the bouncing ball in my game. The effect I am looking for is a sort of trail... like a comet. I got that all working but there are a few issues at hand.

    When the ball changes its frame to something else. Is there a way to update the particle emitter at the same time. I didn't see any way to change the frames in the events sheet.

    Also I would like the particles to spawn behind the ball, instead of on top. My first thought it to just add another layer. But, I think there may be a proper way to do this?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  • do you want to change the emitter animation or just a frame?

    1.- when the ball changes frame

    2.- set variable "WhatFrameIsBall" to "2"

    3.- create an event:

    When System check variable if true "WhatFrameIsBall" = "2"

    run code "set particles to frame X"

    to the second thing:

    Create particles on Layer 0 (or something lower than the one with the sprite). Just pay attention to what layer is the sprite and what layer are the particles.

    Another option: Add action "Sprite" "set to Top"

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  • The second part worked but the first part you mentioned is still not working?

    For some reason, I can't add other frames to my particle emitter. Is this normal?

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