Particle Collions & Selective Array Actions?

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  • 1 - Top-down shooter, similar to what one gets following the Beginner's guide.. But I am trying to use Particles rather than a sprite as a projectile.

    Is there a way to apply collision testing on particle Within C2? (I can do it by hand outside but I'm trying to stay within C2 to see how far I can stretch it)

    2 - In the same game, enemy objects are spawned by in-game processes, and clearly added to an array. But how can I apply actions to only Some members of that array within C2? (eg. a random value to determine 3 possible actions, checked for Each instance of the object / tick)

    I want to say, I am rather enjoying Construct 2.   I have been writing games since Turbo Assembler was still the language of choice, and watched things evolve over the years... but to see it reach this point, is simply amazing.

  • Only way I know to have particles that can test for collision is making your own particles instead of using the C2 plugin. So, is the same to have a regular projectile.

    Regarding the second question I dont think I understand what you are trying to do. Maybe I need some sleep...

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  • I was tied up for quite some time, and just got back around to trying out C2.

    The 2nd part of what I was asking was how to create Separate actions for entities in an array.

    Say I spawn a new enemy every 10 seconds, and n enemies have now appeared.

    I want to step through the array and randomly determine Each of their actions rather than applying one action to all of them.

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