Partially circular sprite with physics behavior ?

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  • Hi.

    I want my character to have a shield shaped like this :

    It will have a physic behavior and I want a somewhat perfectly circular collision shape. It will also have random orientation (could be 0°, 40°, 157°…).

    I guess this is not possible, but what is the best way to achieve such a thing ?

    Plus, is it possible to make bullets pass through in one direction (from the inside) but bounce on the other direction ?

    And would it be possible to make the bullet bounce inside instead ?

    edit : I've came up with something like this which could fit. However there is an unexpected behavior :

    When a bullet is not overlapping the shield, it enables the collision with the shield of ALL existing bullets. I tried to add a "foreach bullet" on my condition, but this doesn't work. Any idea ? ... .capx?dl=0

  • Better doing it like this..

    All you need to do now is to set the shield inner and shield outer to the same angle and position as the shield. I am sure you get the idea

    Plus in future always check the collision polygon. You will get strange results if you cross the collision lines over.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I don't really like the collision polygon as a subtle difference between two impact point result in a very different trajectory.

    That said, I guess this is the only way to have the bullets bounce inside. I'll see what solution I have to choose as I'm not sure if I want this behavior at this time.

    The issue that I was talking about is still here : try messing around with bullets from behind, sometimes they bounce inside, sometimes they pass through. Why is that ?

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