How do I make a part of app not move when scrolled up , down

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  • Please help me , how do i make a part of app not scroll , the options and my instagram option and how do i make it to scroll for more buttons , because i am making a soundboard ,and there is place only for 15 buttons ( memes ) ? Sorry if this sounds dumb . PLEASE HELP.

  • Please reply , help this dude in need .

  • Please do not bump your own thread after less than an hour.

    Users come from many different time zones so patience is required when waiting for a response.

    It is generally accepted that you cam bump your own thread after 24 hours if no response has been forthcoming.

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  • Sorry for that , I still need a lot of help right now . Please contribute , I searched a lot but not a single tutorial about my problem .

  • Come on people , isnt there any humanity left to some of you ? I just want to make a part of the app scroll either with touching and dragging the finger or with a custom slider . I have found some tutorials but I am an extremily begginer at Construct 2 and I tried to copy the event sheet but than one time it goes completely white and than after I tried again only some of my sprites appear.

  • istero

    Would something like this work for you?: ... .capx?dl=0

    I've created an invisible sprite that has the scroll-to behaviour: as you swipe with your finger it moves in the opposite direction to the swipe, moving layer 0; Layer 1 has a parallax of 0,0 so it remains stationary.

    Any objects that you put on layer 1 remain in position, any on layer 0 will scroll.

  • thank you so much dude , finally a good human , i love you .

  • istero You're welcome

  • istero I've updated the capx. I had a hunch that there was a simpler way to do this without using the "scroll-to" behaviour, so I had a hunt around on the forums and came up with this: ... .capx?dl=0

    Much simpler, just 2 globals and 2 events <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • hey hello ssorry for disturbing you guys again , i did everything you had done , the behaviours , the variables , made the sprite invisible and copied all the event sheet but now when i scroll it looks like a glitch , like it freezees and than it scrolls. Also it shows only half of my horizontal layout like in the picture below . Please help.

    i.imgur. com/Q3MrEvt.png

  • Did you try the updated capx? It's simpler. Also it only scrolls in the Y direction. If you want it to scroll on the X axis as well then you need to add variables for the X position and duplicate the actions, swapping references to X for Y.

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  • istero

    I've updated the capx again to include movement on both axis - if that doesn't work, if you send me a link to the capx I'll take a look at it for you. ... .capx?dl=0

  • I tried the second capx but it still the same problem . I dont want movement on both axis , I want only movement on Y . Do you have TeamViewer?

  • No, sorry. You can pm me a capx link if you don't want to post directly to the forums.

  • Yeah I am paranoid to post the capx link because my friends are such pussies that they will search every part of the internet for a proof that makes me to look like I haven't done the app and I don't want it because I need to prove I am not a piece of shit . I finallly find the mistake I had done , it was neccessary to delete the invisible sprite so my layout would go back to place (makes no sense right ) , but now my only problem is that every thing scrolls . I want to make the options button to stay always in place , do I need to put a behaviour or a variable to it or do I need to code more ? thanks for being the only one who tried and actually helped me a lot.

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