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  • Hi everyone.

    After last weeks successful presentation (powered by Construct 2, nontheless), I figured I would use Construct 2 for far more of my tasks.

    My current line of work includes the creation of a mobile deriative of our company's Social Media Monitoring platform.

    A demo is currently running on our servers and I got as far as implementing a basic Ajax request.

    What I want to do next is repost the login data people would input into the HTML5 based form to the PHP admin area, so that upon clicking login on the form, you would have full access to the server.

    How would I go about that though? Is there a way to do just that through a simple Ajax Post to URL command?

    I do realize there are certain security loopholes this would cause (mainly, sending login data through Ajax and sending data from any domain), btw.

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