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  • Hi,

    As i said in a previous post, in the game I am working on, my characters are in a maze and stop on the crossroads, so the crossroads have special sprites (separate from maze's background), that my character's sprite can detect.

    I got ahead with the game development, but I have a new problem.

    The players can switch between 2 mazes during the game, so I need to switch background AND move with him the crossroad's sprites.

    So I was thinking about a parent-children link between the background's sprite and the crossroad's sprites. But I didn't find how to establish this link. I think that could exist (or must!), it is very common in game engines. Do you know where I can find it, or something who looks like ?

    I though about a "set position", but there is many different instances that I need to place, in different position, and of course, different in every maze. It wouldn't be a very nice solution for me and for the script.

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  • This does not exist yet. I think you will have to wait for 'families' and 'containers'.

    There probably is a way to do what you want, however. It is hard to understand exactly what you are asking. Post a capx perhaps?

  • Logun

    i have a solution for your problem


    just make a pointer that have the scroll behavior

    then at each level make the pointer move up until whe cant see the 1st maze (make two mazes) and until we just see the 2nd maze

    and change the 1st maze sprite to the 3rd lvl maze sprite and vice versa

    also post your capx so i can examinate it and help ya better

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