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  • This is a rather generic question but I guess others have wondered the same thing too.

    How do you pros wrap your head around what you see in the editor compared to the runtime result?

    Do you find yourself doing mostly guesswork when placing objects in all the different layers, or is it just me

    Do you prefer having "Parallax in editor" switched to On or Off?

    I'd appreciate if you could share some tips and tricks.

  • I would love to hear some insight on this as well.

    I totally guess right now. Having "Parallax in editor" turned on is weird since tile placement doesn't match up with the mouse.

  • Thanks man, it's nice to know I'm not alone feeling this way!

    I find myself doing a gazillion test-runs to see if things overlap properly. If this is the only way, I can accept that. But if there's something I'm missing I'd love to know it!

    Another thing I find strange is the initial viewport position in the layout. Most games scroll from left to right or from bottom to top, so If it has to be fixed in the editor I would expect bottom-left to be more logical.

  • Bumping to see if anyone has any advice. Not really looking for a fix per say, but just best practices / what works for you.

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  • I think the center of your viewport in the editor is the same as the center of your view on the game window, so that should help a LITTLE with lining things up. I dunno, perfect alignment hasn't been important for my game so far.

  • bclikesyou Thanks for the bump

    C-7 I noticed that too and it seems the best workaround!

  • My trouble, why the game has been so not her ad beg instructions

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