How do I see the parallax result in realtime ?

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  • Hi guys, as soon I use parallax scrolling for a layer, the position of my backround during the gameplay is shifted from the real one that I see in the working can I position in this way precise elements ? Its almost a matter of good luck in that way :/

    any suggestions ?


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  • As good ol' Alice would say, Welcome to my nightmare!

    First of all, make sure that you have the "Parallax on editor" set to yes. Click on any layer and look at its properties. After that, make sure that you are zoomed at 100%, you can achieve that by going into Constructs view tab, there is a button there that does just that.

    Now, by panning around (middle click, or space bar) your scene and centering your point of view on different parts of your layout, you should have a good approximation of where is everything in relation with each other, taking into account the parallax offset. It's far from been accurate and the further away you are from 0,0 coordinates the more difficult it gets to arrange your scene.

    Oh, how much I wish for a 2.5 d camera...

  • thanks a lot I will try....

    I made a HUUgeeee layout...and when I tried the first time the layer was even not was faaar far away


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