Parallax Layer effect to show motion?

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  • I have a space game and one of the parallax layers is stardust, that layer is set to 135,135 so it scrolls faster than the main screen.. so it helps show motion pretty well.

    I would like to somehow give a motion blur effect to the stardust. I've tried a lot of WebGL effects but I don't think that is the right approach. I want the dust to blur as the parallax is moving or scrolling.. the dust image is a bunch of circular dots, so I'd like the dots to burn into the background and streak a little...

    does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

  • Can you show image of what you want to make?

    My advice not to use Blur webgl it will drop your fps.

  • hi A0Nasser, here's a really quick example..

    I want the "dust" layer to streak when the spaceship moves...

    my actual project uses an unbound layout, so I don't have the problem of the abrupt stopping dust at the edges.

  • Maybe you can use sprite with 2 frames as dust, and when the ship move set frame to 1 and when the ship stop set frame to 0.

  • A0Nasser its a tiled can't use frames.. but I could load a different image into it... not sure how that will look suddenly.. but a static image is not what I am after.. I'm looking for some sort of trail effect..

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  • its like I need "treadmill" effect or something, just around the ship.. it doesn't even need to take up the whole screen...

  • use two behaviors, WarpAroundLayout and bullet.

    Change bullet speed to pixelspeed here

    (u need to dupe ur sprite if its a background and put in right next to the other one.

  • thanks but that doesn't work quite right..

    probably an animation loop is best at this point...

  • do different size offsets? or program it directly in.

  • after being away from this for a while the solution came to me pretty quickly and I was able to apply it pretty fast... although I am still tweaking it.

    I used a particle effect, which for some reason I never thought to use! duh! anyways, you just pin it to the player, make the X/Y randomizers make a "box" around the player, then set the speed of the particles to 1, acceleration to 0. As the player moves the particles will create a "wake" effect which is nice and exactly what I was after. it's also nice that the particle doesn't rotate with the Pinned behavior, so it works perfect.

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