Parallax Layer affecting others!

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  • Hello, and good night construct2 community! I hope you can help me with my question.

    This is a game I'm doing right now. I added a new Layer named "Nubes" (clouds in English) where I created some clouds instances on the sky of the game.

    I also gave 'em parallax attributes 75,75 so it would move slower than the main layer.

    My problem is, that it's affecting the "enemies" from my main Layout. I've tried everything, searched everywhere and when I just thought I nailed it, the horses are moving under the clouds and I couldn't fix it even modifying the Z order :/

    Here is the file so you can take a look on it :)

    Thanks a lot for reading my post!

  • All of your creates are on Layer 1. You should change it to "Main" so that they are on the correct layer (and will stay on Main should layers move).

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  • Hello blackhornet, could you please be more specific? I didn't quite get your answer! All my creates are on Main (2), only clouds on Layer (1). If I change positions (Main on [1] and Cloud Layer on [2]) The Clouds are above everything on the layer!

  • Klaha

    As an example, Event Sheet 3 - Event No 21 has the Action 'Create Object CaballoEspectral on Layer 1 ...etc' which is the Layer with the parallax on it.

    Just set it to Layer 2 (Main).

  • Oh! It seems I forgot that :') A MILLION thanks zenox!

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