Parallax doesn't work fine

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  • Hi to all <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I have a problem with my HUD. I've create a new level and set the parallax to 0,0 for make it fixed.

    The level is on top.

    But when i go to insert sprites, they become invisible. Any object on this level disappear.


    (I've made a platform game, and the level is in vertical)

    Thank u!

  • I had the same problem when i made my first game and i fixed it somehow

    here are some things that could fix this :

    -Add the HUD to another layer (if you haven't allready)

    -Set the initial visibility for the layer to visible

    -Set the layer transparent to yes

    -Set the HUD objects Initial visibility to visible

    -Place the HUD somewhere in the windows sight(top left corner has a square)


    -Place the HUD close to the player (if you have the scroll to behavior)

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  • The initial layer is not transparent. It has a white background. So everything you place below it is blocked by this white background.

    To make it transparent click on the layer and change it on the left.

    That should work

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