Parallax Backgrounds?

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  • Like the type of background Terraria uses. Where there is multiple layers of backgrounds where the clouds scroll one direction at a certain speed while others scroll when you move? I have searched the FAQ before posting, But I didn't see anything maybe I skipped over it or something sorry if this was posted before.

    Ev0 -

  • Parallax is done by setting "Parallax" attribute on each layer of scene. 100 means it scrolls at camera speed. 50 means it scrolls at 0.5 * camera speed and so on. With 0 it doesn't scroll at all , for GUI stuff :)

  • You have a parallax example in the C2 base folder\examples.

    As Kiyoshi said, parallax is a property of the layers (layers tabs) that you set in the IDE.

  • Thanks Kiyoshi, Also I didn't realize there was examples that came with C2.. I just DERPED! lol. Thanks

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  • Heheh looking at all examples before anything helps a lot :) But yeah, the urge to just start making something... :)

  • so true, I was messing around with other programs when I stumbled across C2, I downloaded it and just jumped into it and messed around with it and then found some tutorials and did a few of those and then started new on my own stuff. Lol Completely forgot to really look at the start screen for examples.

    But again thanks ;P

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