How do I make Y parallax

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  • Hello! I'm devoloping the game for mobile phone and character control is provided by the sprites (arrows) which I draw. When I make X parallax it works good, but when I made Y parralax it ceased to exist! What can I do with that?

  • Without seeing the .capx it's difficult to see. Are you amending the Y value of the layer you are using for parallax?

    Here's an example just using y parallax (uses r170, available at bottom of page). Does it help?

  • My project is very big, that's why it is impossible to send it. When I make the position like in examples,(0,0) it works well done, but who needs control keys in this position?) When I change sprite position it doesn't work

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  • Setting parallax to (0,0) is generally used for something you want to stay in one position, such as HUDs.

    Have you adjusted the x and y parameters of the parallax layer properties to say, 75 or 50, depending on what speed or effect you're after?

    Sometimes you need to set 'Unbounded Scrolling' to yes to get the correct effect.

    It may help you to just put your current project to one side for an hour, and just create a very simple .capx that just tries to get the effect you're after. At least then you could attach it to your post if you subsequently need help.

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