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  • Hey guys not played with construct 2 for a long time but since getting a newer stable version im back at it. What im after doing is making some fun games based on the controls of paper toss, or more so "throw the knife" if you have played this.

    (2nd post and both about knives, no im not a serial killer, just have a fondness for tongue in cheek)

    I want to have my scene like looking from a first person view, with a target, and when the finger is swiped, depending on the angle of the swipe, the knife/axe/shuriken will appear from there, and stick into the target at the point the swipe was ended, if that makes sense. So if i swipe from the bottom to the centre, my projectile will appear on a straight vertical angle. If i swipe horizontally, it comes in horizontally.

    Thanks in advance for any help peeps, appreciate it.

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  • I know this post is old but for for all people who's looking for a Paper Toss template, (like I did myself many times before) I recently made one with 3D effect (with animation and some coding).

    You can try it here : ... late-19515

    Links to the capx (to codecanyon and scirra store) are in the description of the demo.

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