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  • Could somebody explain me how to do pair mouvement.

    I was workin on a football game and i need all the players on a row to move at the same time, but i also need them to stop when one collide with the wall.

    "My game will be like babyfoot"

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  • What kind of behaviour are you using for the movement?

    Are all the players instances of the same object?

    What is happening now and why is what is happening not what you want?

    Could you provide a capx?

  • I've simply used 8 directions UP/DOWN for my test. my eleven players are all clone of the same object. i need them to move up or down at the same time.

    i've used bullet for the ball with bounced on solid on. So that the ball bounced on the players.

    The probleme is that when the players hit a wall, the nearest stop but the others continu to move towards the wall.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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