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  • Hey Guys , Recently I'm Making a new game for Iphone But I got a problem

    How can I copy an Image directly from PS cs6 Screen to C2 sprite editor with the transparency Because the transparent background becomes white !

    Ashley , are you considering adding a magic wand tool to the editor !

  • Bump ...

    Is there a technique to copy/paste to the editor with no white background ! ( Transparent background )

  • Yeah, I don't think you can at the moment, I experimented a little with the tools.

    I do it all the long way with exported PNGs.

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  • You means an image with manually drew alpha?

    For me, I use png format images which saved from Photoshop~

    Not like usual, we didn't use alpha channel~

    We directly draw the transparency on the layers~

    Delete the background layer so it will be checkers~

    Save as png, hope this would help~

  • Akira's exactly right, but for anyone who may be looking at this who doesn't have that much photoshop knowledge, so here's how you'd do it step by step:

    create a new document in photoshop

    create a new layer in photoshop - you should now have two layers

    the new layer is where you're going to put everything, the original background layer under that will remain blank

    before you save, take the bottom layer and on the left side of it, there is a little eye icon. click that and make the layer invisible. the white default layer background should now look like a grey checkboard pattern - this means that it will now be transparent if you save it in the proper format

    now we are ready to save. go to file - save as, and select png from the file format menu. nae it whatever you want. it will ask you if you want to make the image interlaced or not. I'm not sure that it matters.

    in C2, open the sprite editor

    in the sprite editor, open the png image you have just made. you should see that the parts had the checkerboard pattern in photoshop are now transparent in the sprite editor. it will also show up transparent if you just open the image normally. if the transparent bits are white or anything but transparent, go back into photoshop, and check if your art is on another layer, and if the bottom layer is invisible.

    be careful about DELETING the background layer vs making the background layer INVISIBLE, because sometimes I've noticed that photoshop can fill in the background on layers when the background layer underneath it is deleted and there is no layer above it (who knows maybe I'm doing it wrong, but the above steps work every time).

    hope it helps!

  • Yswellin , AkiraWong and Rory

    I know how to make the background transparent in photoshop XD

    I meant that you would select a part of the images in photoshop , then copy *ctrl+c* , then open C2 and in the sprite editor , click *ctrl+v* or paste button ! And it would copy the selected part with transparent background ...

    but what C2 does is that it transform all the transparent space into white space and I want a technique on how to prevent it !

  • Haha, I know what you meant. I actually became kind of puzzled on the thread after it became about how to use Photoshop. As I said earlier, what you're asking for can't be done. You would still have to paint fill alpha 0 onto each frame.

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