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  • Hello! I am somewhat new to Construct 2. I have followed a few tutorials, though no games are quite finished yet because I am adding my own modifications. The next tutorial I'd like to follow is the , but with a twist; the tile map will be randomly generated.

    I have followed the tutorial too , but they are spaced in a perfect grid (see the second image below). I would prefer that the map look more like the first image. How would I modify the tutorial so that it randomizes the locations of the tiles based on the array rather than the sprite frames?

    I would also like to make the wall tiles consistent, as they are in the first image. I'd like to choose one frame for all walls on the screen.

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks so much in advance!

    Interesting Note: I graduated with a degree in programming, but I'm better at creating websites than I am at games. I created a few games with Microsoft's . The first image is from a game I made with it called Robot Rampage.

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  • I think you need to include the link to the tutorial you mentioned, so people can understand more about your problem.

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