How do I package a font face with app?

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  • I am making a educational card game and want to use a specific font (due to the way schools like to have specific fonts to teach the kids because it will confuse them if there are different shapes for the same letter).

    How would i package a font face with a NWJs app so that the game can use it even if they don't already have the font face installed on their computer?

    Also, if this isn't doable how would I make it so that the game can detect if the user has the font face installed and change the font face used if they don't.


    All advice appreciated.

  • you should use SpriteFonts.. it s bit of a pain, but that way you know they are seeing the font you intended.

    also, I would think about downloading and using both SpriteFont+ and GYFM (Give Your Fonts Monospacing) ... when-where

  • Hi i have used GYFM to create a spritefont from my font and changed the properties so it matches those in the text file. However the spacing between each character is off, some are much further apart than others. Im not sure about the Array it talks about in the text file so im not too sure i am using it correctly.

    Any ideas?


  • I have just read up on SF+ and that would mean i wouldnt have to use the array stuff but it doesnt seem to work?

    Any alternatives to this? thanks

  • It works amazingly..

    but you have take the JSON array that is provided in the Text File output from GYFM. Then copy and paste that into the SF+ properties.

  • Well it didnt seem to want to install for me. Doesnt matter anyway i have found out how to do it using the array system.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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  • yeah SF+ just saves the step of doing the array.. so if you don't mind the array then you are better off since SF+ is 3rd party and not officially supported.

    the only annoying thing about not using SF+ is that you can't preview how it will look in the editor, where SF+ shows you how it will look before you run it.

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