Overwhelmed by animation/movement conflicts

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  • Hello!

    So I've generally been using my game as an attempt to teach myself Construct 2 and followed a couple tutorials and such and eventually branched off from there. Unfortunately many of the tutorials are fairly basic with movement.

    Something I really wanted to be able to do was figure out how to add a lot of detailed movement and animation but I feel like I might not understand how to deal with it/lay it out entirely. A lot of my movements conflict each other and I'm beginning to find it really difficult to fix the issues. An example would be attacking while pressing a direction and jumping. Because of all the previous actions it plays a running animation and stops the jump in mid air.

    I'm not really looking for an answer for each problem specifically I'm just wondering if anyone has some pointers on how to layout complicated actions and avoid conflicts like this.


    ...and here is a capx of the file I've been using for reference:


  • check megaman capx floating around in the forumz

  • Not sure if it will help, but I was planning on doing a Contra course, but the controls got so crazy that I decided to abandon it as it was far from beginner. Here is the capx of what I had done so far. Most of the controls are working, so maybe you can learn something from it.


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  • Thanks for the help guys!

    Ghost - Do you happen to know who made the megaman capx or anything more specific? I found a hand full of them but I'm not sure which one you mean specifically.

    ArcadEd - I'll take a more in depth look at your Contra file once I'm home form work but it looks like I'll probably learn something from it, thanks a lot!

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