How do I make overlapping real time shadows blend together?

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  • I've been trying to find a way to integrate real time shadows into my current project and I wanted to see if anyone has had any luck blending overlapping shadows. Here is a screenshot from one of the examples:

    What I would like to figure out, is how to keep the overlapping shadow from getting darker. Can anyone lend some insight?

  • Instead of lowering the light object's opacity, put the light object on a separate layer* (below your objects for the result you're after judging from your picture) and lower that layer's opacity.

    *Don't forget that the default layer in C2 is opaque. If you create a layer and drag it bellow this "layer 0" it will be covered from it. I suggest creating 2 new layers and put your sprite objects on the top layer, your light object (which will hold the shadows) on the middle layer (remember to lower its opacity), and keep the bottom layer for your backgrounds.

  • Thanks for the tip. That's exactly how I have the lighting and shadows set up. The problem happens when two objects with the cast shadow behavior have intersecting/overlapping shadows from the same light source. The shadow becomes darker in the overlapping areas.

  • I looked at your recommendation a little closer and got down to the bottom of it. Thank you for the help!

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