Overlapping Objects and Touch Function

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  • In my game, I have it so whenever you touch and area in the level your character will walk to that x,y location.

    You juggled multiple characters at once and would like to have it so you can tap on one of them to select it and then tap somewhere else to issue a command to it. Unfortunately when I tap on a character to select it, the previously highlighted character will walk to that point.

    I would like to have the characters walk to an x,y location when pressing anywhere except tapping other characters.

    I've tried to invert the function (Touching Object, Character Sprite) but that hasn't yielded any positive results.

    Is there something I'm overlooking... Can I have it so the touch command ignore objects beneath other objects?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • srcarr1515 - i would suggest just making it select the character they are touching so if they try to move it on top on another character it won't, it will just select the character under the touch.

    • selects player 1 - touches player two tring to move player 1 - player 2 is selected instead

    would something like that work?

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