How do I (overlapping layers and objects)

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  • How to create tabs for a list of objects ? And, even though objects behind another ,

    no other objects behind it created ?


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  • you can do it with layers.

    put each tab and information on it's own layer.

    on the bottom the actual clickable tabs should all be on the same layer. Then when you OnClick a tab, change the Z order to bring that one to the front.

    Also to remember... just because you can't see something on the screen doesn't mean it is not active. You need to disable code on tabs that are not on top to avoid running code you don't want run. The best way to do this is to either put code into groups and disable the group when those tabs don't have the focus. Or you can do it with code. And add the condition of which tab has the focus to all your top level Events...

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