Overlapping Construct2 pop-up windows (technical problem)

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  • I am not sure what version it started with but it seems that now all new pop-up info windows open directly over top of the one below, or slightly down just covering the accept option... I don't recall it doing this when I first started, it makes projects tedious now, and its driving me nuts.

    Example: double click layout to open sprite manager, color picker is directly on top of sprite window.

    Example: Choose create action or event, "objects with expressions" window is over top of done/cancel buttons!

    I have looked all through preferences and search forums for a solution or explanation but came up short.

    Anyone have a similar problem that can tell me whether this is something I have done or just "the way it is"?

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  • Out of interest - does 'File/Preferences/Reset dialogs' change anything?

  • No they still stack up from first to latest.. just now the expressions window is directly over the action one... this tells me somehow it stored the location before.. just have to figure out what I did to make it remember the moved position between sessions.

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