Overlapping blended sprites

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  • Hey, so I've been having this problem lately.

    I wanted to make a simple area system, in which the player would be able to get different effects when overlapping them. The addresed issue, however, is more about how it looks, rather than how it behaves.

    Areas are simple sprites (what the player actually collides with)

    I wanted to put a simple animation on them, so I added a rotated Tiled Bg with a tiny texture as a container that would stick to them and loop horizontaly, blended with source in blend mode and triangular sine movement.

    However, if they are too close to each other, they blend with other areas too, any ideas on how to approach this?


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixttos6qt3pi6 ... .capx?dl=0

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  • I'm sorry, I've read your post about five times and I'm not understanding exactly what you want to do?

    Perhaps I need more tea :p

  • I was looking for a solution to blending TiledBgs to their correspondent rectangular sprites (linked through a container).

    I know it looks confusing, but imagine it being a rotated, looping, masked TiledBg blended over a sprite.

    Is it more clear now?

    Thanks for checking this out, tho

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