How do I overlap 2 solid objects

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  • I have 2 solid objects and i want one of them to overlap the other just a little. One of them is a target and the other is the floor, so i want the target to be on the floor. Both of them are solids and bullets(because i am making an endless runner type of game). The problem is: i can´t make the target overlap the floor no matter what. I have tried to setit´s position to floor.y + 20... didn´t work. I have tried to do this and remove the solid behavior.... didn´t work. I have tried to move it to another layer... didn´t work. Do solids never overlap? What can i do to make my target on the floor?

  • Solids can overlap - think of all the breakout clones.

    Without you showing your .capx, we can only guess. Have you checked the collision polygons of the objects in question?

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  • Here is the link for my project. It is posted on 4shared shared in a zip file:

    Here's what you need to know to understand the bug:

    • Everytime the obstacle is created, there´s a message on the screen: criou dinoobstaculo

    -On event 13, i create the number of the obstacle that will appear(set numero_dinoobstaculo to 1).

    -On event 19, based on the number 1 for numero_dinoobstaculo, i create the obstacle very high on the screen.

    -The event 16 will make the obstacle go down. For every 0.01 seconds, as long as it is not overlapping any block, the obstacle will move down 10 pixels.

    -The event 20 is when the obstacle in question("pterodatilo") finally reaches the ground and is overlapping Block(the floor) and is on the move(se_mexendo = true), on my current attempt, i make the object not solid anymore, position it to Block.y + 4(it should be the position i want, overlapping the floor. I have tried + 20, but it still did the same thing) and make it not move(se_mexendo=false)

    • I have used this method to create my other obstacle(the dino_obstaculo 0) and it was a sucess, but that obstacle didn´t need to overlap the floor.
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