Overlap AND Overlap not working

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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm having a little problem with Overlaps.

    From the picture provided, the last two blocks work. Meaning if Stick_R is not overlapping PIpe while Stick_L is, then it adds 1.3 to Energy_Height. Same Happens in the third block.

    However, the first one doesn't work. If both, Stick_R and Stick_L are overlapping PIpe, the system doesn't add 5 to the Energy_Height.

    Also, if I swap places between inverted condition and non inverted one, the block stops working properly, that is: if i put "while Stick_R is overlapping PIpe and Stick_L is not" then the system will add 1.3 to the Energy_Height even if Stick_L IS overlapping the PIpe.

    Sorry if that's too confusing, I tried my best to explain the problem as simply as possible. Anyone has any ideas?


  • in your 1.st Event

    invert both overlapping conditions

    create an else to the event and drag your action down to the else

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  • hmm.. i've tried tons of stuff but this one slipped by, I'll give it a go, thanks!

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