How to make overlap effect with buildings

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  • So basically I want so when I go behind a building the roof and body of building become transparent and the floor doesn't. I have that done, but now it stays transparent even after I am no longer behind the building, how do I make it detect that I am no longer overlapping the roof of the building? I do not want to have to add collisions for each building I make around the roof. (I am making a 2.5D game)

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  • Are you doing something like -

    add all roofs to a family

    if player sprite over roof family

    ..choose that family member and make opacity less ?

    Any chance you can post the capx ?

    edit - sorry re-read post

    Have you looked at grouping the walls and roof of each building together using an instance variable ? So you can quickly choose which walls/roof need to be hidden ?

    How are you deciding when the player is behind the building ? Z position and overlapping or just working on the y position ?

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