How do I make overheads and lows? Fighting game

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  • I have been working on making a fighting game using the capx found in the link. --

    I am still new to making games with Construct 2 and was wondering how to make the jump atks, certain standing atks count as overheads which are atks that cannot be blocked crouching and must be blocked standing.

    Low atks are the opposite as in you must be crouch blocking to block them.

    I asked the danuyos (the creator of the fighting game tutorial). He told me, "Not sure, but I think, what I did was to use the CROUCHING or ONAIR variables to tell which type of attack is being performed, and that was compares to the state of the one being hit... if P1 does a low attack, set a value like LOWATTACK... then if P2 is hit, pass that P1 value to a value in P2.. (like.. HOWHIT) compare... is P2 blocking? P2 CROUCH.... is HOWHIT=LOWATTACK... then BLOCK..or whatever the action is..."

    There is also a weird bug that happens after a player gets hit then when you pause the game the player will not stop in mid air during the next time you pause the game.

  • Th explanation Danuyos gave will work fine, alternatively you can use a combination of image points and precise collisions sprites to achieve this without variables.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I still don't understand how to use exactly what he told me. I can't get it to work correctly. I tried to making the crouching attacks only hit if you weren't crouch blocking but instead it seems to ignore it and the opponent blocks the attack anyway.

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  • If you attach a .capx we can see what you've done

  • I couldn't use my main capx since it has all my art but I edited the capx from the tutorial. Here --

    I added the crouching attacks to count as low and standing attacks to count as overheads which it works decently except for when it comes to blocking a crouching attack. I'm not sure why it doesn't block it.

    I included a pause which is spacebar to show that weird bug that happens after you hit someone then when you jump and pause, the player will continue to fall but only after someone was hit.

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