How do I overcome this bug state switching bug on LoS?

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  • What I'm trying to do: Detect if the Computer connected to a Door has the Module MotionDetection (in an instance Dictionary) active. Spent three hours trying to overcome this issue, even tried using instance variables on every Computer instead of a contained Dictionary, but it didn't work. Dictionaries have the correct value, I've checked that in Debug mode. So something with my Logic of actually detecting if a Door is connected to a Computer is bad.

    The issue with the second Door:

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    project file:

  • Are the Door and Modules dictionary in the same container? If not, then you need to pick the correct dictionary instance before comparing keys. But it would be easier to combine them into a container.

    (I can't open your project, as it uses some plugin I don't have.)

  • Sorry about that it uses Advanced Text Box.

    They weren't in the same container, I only had Computer and Dictionary in the same one. But, now after adding Door it actually works so thanks for that =]

    Do you know how I would approach picking the correct dictionary instance? It's what I was trying but couldn't make work in any way, even after giving each Dictionary instance the same ID as it's Computer parent's ID.

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  • If both objects have ID instance variables, you can do "For each Door, Dictionary compare variable ID=Door.ID"

  • Welp what else can I say at this point. Thanks for all the help and explanations dop2000 ! =]

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