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  • Hi, I have been working in Construct 2 for the past week and its really great. I am intending to buy a personal license in the upcoming month to test out, what Ive done on mobile phones.

    I was wondering, if Construct 2 is capable of supporting 20 animated sprites (with a looping animation) at the same time on the screen, when exporting to a Samsung tablet or an Ipad, and still maintain a good FPS rate?

    I will get to test this out surely anyway and will report back, just trying to get some opinions and test out the waters.

    Now I know that it depends on the phone etc. but I was just curious overall. In the end I will cut down on the amount of sprites if I have to surely.

    I have been already reading about exporting options and I am psyched to soon see something I have done, run on my mobile platform

    Thanks and cheers.

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  • Yes it could definitely support that; performance wise, most of it will depend on the amount of sprites and their sizes. (and yes obviously hardware too)

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