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  • Hi, I've just started using C2. I'm working on a menu-driven sim game where the player can start different writing projects, the details of which are held in a global array. Each time they start a new project, the array height is incremented by 1.

    When they choose to write, I'd like to give them a menu that consists of each of their current projects, displaying the Title, genre, current wordcount, and target wordcount. They also need a button that enables them to select the project they want to work on.

    As it's up to the user how many projects they're working on at once, I figure I'll need to do some kind of for/next loop that reads through the array's height and displays each height's width. How do I do this?

    Incidentally, if there's an easier way to do this than using arrays and a listed menu, I'm all ears.

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