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  • Hi All,

    I'm new here and can't wait to get stuck in. I was wondering if anyone has an answer to this problem i'm having...

    Most of the things i've tried with Construct 2 have worked like a charm and I love the software but with the main 0,0 origin position at the top left I'm getting into some bother. I'm trying to create a line graph and at the moment it is quite simply a particle emitter which is spraying a straight red line. All I need it to get the object to move up or down depending on the score that players achieve. In the past this has been a simple case of dividing the score with the height of the table but because point 0 is at the top and point 720 (my page height) is at the bottom then as the score goes down, the line goes up!

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can tackle this? Perhaps there is a mathematical solution or a way to invert the origin point of the project? The scores in the game start at 100,000 and go down to 0.

    Fingers crossed guys :)

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  • First of all, why are you using a particle emitter? Why not just stretch a rectangle?

  • First of all, why are you using a particle emitter? Why not just stretch a rectangle?

    The line graph dynamically changes alongside the amount of money the player has so the particle emitter is doing a great job. Im all ears if you have a suggestion with rectangles but my problem is just simply how to change the Y position of the emitter object in relation to the money score so it draws the graph as we play.

    By The Way Seriously Loving AirScape :)

  • Nobody have any ideas? I'm finding this very difficult.

  • "Score * -1"? This turns a negative number positive, and a positive number negative.

  • Thank you very much, that totally slipped my mind. Not great at maths but game design is forcing me to get better :) Is there anything I can do on these forums so people know I got the answer?

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