How do I organize sounds inside event sheets in one group.

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  • Actually when the player do an attack, something is broken or for anything i add a sound in that action.

    The problem is that when i want to change, remove or modify i have to search in the groups until find where is the event that plays the audio.

    Instead that my idea is have a group called "Sounds" on i put all the sound events.

    To do that the only thing i know is duplicate the event on that group with only the play audio and erase from the original condition that have other events. With that i will have all the sound events organized on a group to found and edit more easily.

    But this method about duplicate events, well... maybe can have some problems in the future and i guess will be another easy way to do the same.

    So ¿How can i organize the sounds events in one group without duplicate events?

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  • matriax

    You could use functions. Create a function for each sound you want to play. Put all the sound functions in a Group.

    Then, where ever you want to play a sound in your code, just call the appropriate function.

  • AllanR Oh! another thing learned today thanks!

    And there is no problem to use a lot of "call functions" at the same time? I don't know if this can drop the frame rate or something, or i can use it all the times that i want without problem.

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