How do I Organize multiple Level based Game

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  • Hi all...

    Im making my first game, im trying to make something similar to BasketballShot from Android...

    The thing is, how should i manage every level?

    Should i make an Event Sheet/Layout for every level?

    the logic will be the same for every level, impulse a ball from the bottom right to the left target...and the difficult would be adding objects betweetn Target and every level will add new objetcs and new movement for these...

    im planning to have like 100 levels or what is the best way to Organize and dont have Layouts/EventSheets in vain or duplicate just to do the same Events?

  • My little piece of advice, would be that, if this is indeed your first game, maybe you should start with something simpler?

    however if you're set on making this, maybe take some time to study the manual and tutorials provided by the developers and the community.

  • Try to separate main gameplay mechanism, gui, input ect in one or few eventsheets then for each level create eventsheet and include this.

    In per level eventsheet you can add some custom gameplay mechanism specific for that level.

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  • nanitoz - definitely take your time and think your ideas through. Have you done the beginner's tutorials? You can either use one big Event Sheet, or break it up into several different Event Sheets and include them as necessary based upon Layouts.

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