Organize over 100 animations

  • I have a odd problem where I want an easy way to manage a lot of animations.

    Exmaple: Pokemon game. Your Enemy Sprite will have 100+ animations. One for each monster and one for each evolution of that monster. Picking the right one gets difficult. If I assign the animations numbers like 1_1_Monstername, I will have problems because some monsters have 3 evolutions, others have 2 or 1.

    Can anyone think of a good way to organize my animations? Could be a combo of dictionary/array or something less complex.

    The end goal is this.

    Given 1-2 constraints, I want to randomly select a monster at a given level. I want to be able to select via type, evolution level etc. At this time, I'm using a naming convention like 1_1_stuff. But this isn't good enough. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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  • What about CSV, with an ID in the first column (unique by monster), N columns for all the datas about your monster (at least the animation), and 1 column for the ID of the evolution of the monster (or more than 1, like level, or special conditions, even multiple evolutions for a single monster if needed) ?

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