How to organise projects ?

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  • Hey !

    I'm having some hard time upgrading my projects ... Lots of object types, lots of events, it's starting to be hard to browse through. So I started to make groups, name my functions well, ... but before taking bad habits, I wanted to know how you do it, if there are some common behaviors among C2 users here, or if I just need to find my "style".

    Here is a example capx of the organisation I tried in my towerDefense try, but I realise that this kind of organisation is time consuming and problematic if I want to change some game mechanic sometimes...

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, I know this is not the usual questions around here !

    PS :

    Hum, my project is heavily relying on rexrainbow's plugins... If you want to look at it you'll need CSV, timeline, TMX importer at least.

    Here is a screen of what it looks like in the code

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Could you post the screenshot again ?

    If I make groups I do it like:



    • Bed:HouseElements

    -- SleepFunction:Bed:HouseElements

    • Animations:HouseElements


    • Animations:GUI
    • TouchEvents:GUI


    • Animations:Player
    • Movement:Player
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  • Darklinki

    Sorry, I tried to post screenshots from dropbox in an unusual way, they didn't make it ^^

    Here is the project, it's just my first real test on C2, no value, it can be easier to understand.



    Thanks a lot for taking a look !

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