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  • I guess I'd better ask for help before I blow too much of my LD time on this.. I'm having trouble.. I got kind of a 2.5D thing going.. Just trying to walk in front of and behind stuff properly..


    The image points you see referred to are set to the bottom of the sprites. Collisions are set to bounding box.

    It's weird, move behind (tree in front) always works right. and if snowman is right up next to the tree, but in front of it, it works. but if I move down just a bit, like to where just his head is overlapping the tree, the tree will come forward on top of his head..

    What dumb thing am I doing this time?

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  • last hope bump.. submission in 3 hours!

    anyone know why that doesn't work? or have a easy quick solution?

    heh.. the snowman is the only thing that moves around.

  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • korbaach

    You, my friend, are a lifesaver!

    and I feel ridiculous for not having thought of that.. haha..

    Took a bit of trickery to get it to work in my context, but I think I got it!

    Thanks so much!

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