Optimizing: Sprite or Tiled Background

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  • The answer is easy: Tiled Background is better for the optimization if you just want to show static graphic.

    But I have a problem with blurry graphic. I searched forum and came to conclusion, it has to be power of 2, so I guess it mean that if the graphic is 392px wide it has to be 392px high.

    Now I wonder. I have graphic that is 392x75. What would be better optimization-wise: make that 392x392 (having alpha to hide rest) in tiled background OR make it a sprite and turn off collisions and whatnot, keeping the file size small?

    In my case it is the sprites that are sharp and the tiled background that are blurry.

    Thank you! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Have to edit: it not only needs to be square it needs to be incremented in 32-64-128...

    Edit: I misunderstood again, it can be non-square apparently. Whee.

  • It shouldn't matter on a modern pc, but it can on some mobiles.

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  • So on mobiles it is favorable to use tiledbg even if the size itself is bigger then?

  • If you make it non-square and not a power of 2, then on export C2 will create a power of 2 texture for it at the next size that will fit into those rules.

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