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  • Hello,

    New User to Construct and I am in the process of learning it. My first project went well yesterday as I took the platform jumping endless project that comes with Construct and changed it a bit. Added some new graphics, some items to collect, and moving platforms. I was happy with the output but when I went to put it on Windows 8 I ran into an issue.

    I am getting 60+ FPS in IE and Chrome on Windows 8 Pro on my machine but when I export to Windows 8 and run in debug/release mode i get a choppy 50 FPS that slowly degrades down to the 40's during gameplay.

    I am in the process of redoing it completely from scratch and testing in Windows 8 as I implement each piece of logic but was wondering if anyone has any advice on what "generically" might be causing issues on windows 8 such as certain objects or types of code.

    Thank you =)      

    Here is the Game I worked on yesterday as the test project and I would hope it could run at 60FPS as a Windows 8 App on my machines here.   Platform Jumping Test

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  • Hello mmoDust,

    I am unsure if my issue was the same as your's BUT I found the solution for my particular issue. For me, my game was choppy when I executed the app from within VS2012 for Windows 8. However, if I stopped the game in VS2012 and ran the game from the Start screen, it ran perfect.

    I hope this helps.

  • Debug mode is slower because it includes all the debug checks for development. Try running it in Release mode or as jwh1981 suggests, directly from the Start screen.

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