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  • Hi, i am working on a big map, like 6000x6000 map.

    So my question is :

    It's better to make my map with the Tilemap or Object by Object.

    I'm affraid that if i will make my map by obj, it will be to resourcefull, but if i make my map with TileMap, it will be hard to make the collisions.

    What do you think?

  • Obviously there will always be certain computer minimum requirements for any game..

    but I've made many Layouts far bigger than 6000x6000

    and loaded entirely with hundreds of objects and up to 20 or so parallax layers

    and it works fine

    but Testing is important....If it runs badly on your computer then You may want to downgrade the number of objects...

    Generally Tilemaps use less processing power but not always...

    It depends also on the number of Collision calls you are making per tick

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  • You'll want to do a combination of both, efficiently, in the most general sense possible based on the limited information you have provided...

    Large images/maps are best done by tiles. Collisions and unique objects are generally best handled by sprites.

    Collision sprites do not have to be visible - you can place invisible collision maps over your tile map.

  • oosyrag mystazsea Thank you guys, I think i will make a combination.

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