How do I optimize HTMLIFrame v 1.36 for mobile devices?(IOS)

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  • Nandynho


    iam trying to use the HTMLIFrame plugin for my project...before i was using the podeiFrame plugin. Both with the same porblem. iam building the project for ios with cordova..... i have to include html websites into the app (to show events, news and other pages, witch are hosted by the customer).

    Both plugins are not working correctly on ios, because i cant set the widht and especialy the height for the iframe.... on the ios devices the height is always as large as the webpage i want to show with the iframe plugin. Is there any possability to customize the iframe plugin?

    I downloaded the plugin from this thread:


    (Nandynho post)

    Its very important, and i didnt found a solution, maybe someone has some experience with the HTMLIFrame plugin for IOS Apps.

    There is a further problem:

    If i want to start the build on browser, an error message appears: I made a screenshot from my test scene:

    it has something to do with this plugin... does anybody has an idea why?

    Thank you very much!

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