How do I optimize my fat game for RAM usage

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having a difficult, recently discovered problem here.

    My game is massive, probably around 400-500-600 MB range, although at the moment its <200MB, but when I start it up, I see RAM usage spike to 1GB sometimes. The VERY peculiar thing is, that my game loads only about 100MB worth of assets at one time. The rest I recall by using Load From URL, they are in files, and are not loaded into the onScreen area.

    What the hell is using so much memory? It's even using this amount of memory when inside the Menu screen, which is basically around 40 MB uncompressed in total.

    My game is predominantly reading, large 2048x1536 res scenes (only 2 at one time, one scene) and small items, many of them.

    What could be sucking so much memory?

    Thank you for reading through, and if you help, I will create a little shrine for you to worship you forever.

    PS: I'm not minifying my export, could that play a role?

    PPS: In preview, it's only using 50MB MAX, anywhere, at any time. And on export, it explodes to 1gb. Please help?

  • Have you checked the post 112 "Remember not to waste your memory" by Ashley on the blog or the "Performance Tips" on the Manual (134)? ... our-memory

  • From your post, I would guess the problem would be your images. If you are using images with large resolution, it will kill your memory bandwidth very very quickly. In the C2 window, at the bottom, how much memory does it show is being used?

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  • It shows very little memory usage. Like 48 MB. That's fine. And I use only 2 HD jpegs, the rest is tiny. I load them dynamically via loa from url when needed.

    I managed to drop it down to like 700mb though

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