How do I optimize events ?

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  • If you have 3 events like this :

    |Condition A

    |Condition B

    .........|Condition C : do this


    .........|Condition D : do that

    Is it lighter than 2 events like this ?

    |Condition A

    |Condition B

    |Condition C : do this

    |Condition A

    |Condition B

    |Condition D : do that

    or is it strictly the same ?

  • I would think it'd depend on how computationally heavy Condition A and B are.. in the second example, you're calculating it twice, whereas in the first example it is calculated once. I think the first example would be better.

  • Thank for your answer Prominent,

    So can I conclude from that point that it is genuinely better for optimization to have as much as possible conditions separated into their own events in order to compute them more logically ? It doesn't matter to have 50 events instead of 20 if it is to actually prevent calculating same things multiple times right

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  • If I understand correctly, yes. Shouldn't matter the number of events. More importantly is how process-intensive those conditions are. If you can do something once instead of X number of times, it's better to do it once- unless you have a reason that it must do it multiple times.

  • ok thank you very much !

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