How do I optimize ads? (17 000 impressions in one day)

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  • I have an old Mac to create the certs etc but I have heard of people using VMWare and a Mac OS image from a PC.

    Anyways, other than the certs, the following has worked for me on 5 iOS apps. As stated, apologies if this is already known:

    My problem was:

    xCode and Ejecta process was a pain and only supported banner ads. Ejecta export in XDK would not build for me as iOS. So I tried building an Android export to XDK as an iOS app in XDK. The preview sound did not work and neither did the builds sound on an actual iPhone.

    My fix:

    After playing around with multiple C2 exports to XDK the sound in my app suddenly worked! I retraced my steps and found this to be true (for me):

    1. From C2 (with admod plugin details for interstitial in place), export an Ejecta set of files to the waiting XDK 'www' folder.

    2. From C2 (with admod plugin details for interstitial in place), export an Android set of files to the same waiting XDK 'www' folder.

    3. From XDK, build the app as iOS.

    4. Test and run on a device.

    5. Sounds and Admob interstitial ads now work in an iOS build from XDK.

    It seems the buildable Android export overwrites Ejecta files but some Ejecta files are not overwritten and those files handle sound.

    Anyways, this may be known but this process worked great for me and I have successfully submitted apps (with interstitial) to iTunes Connect using it

    I was using the xCode/Ejecta method and that drove me crazy. Took longer than actually creating the app.

  • Thank you for this. I'll try it out next time and see if it works

  • My pleasure

  • When I still had Ads, I was consistently getting around $2 per 1,000 impressions for a banner on the bottom.

    It was similar via MoPub/AdMob (about 80% fillrate) or when it was direct via AdMob (which higher fillrate).

    Reading around, it seems around $1-2 per 1,000 impression is a normal result for banners.

    Thanks for the input. That concurs with what I'm seeing with my banners/interstitials.

    I have around 50 000 impressions now with a bottom banner and it has generated about 3$ so I have turned off the ads now because it isn't worth it


    > I respectfully disagree. When implemented correctly (Java / Eclipse), ad-revenue is a very real source of income. I offer the following screenshot to encourage people to keep trying to figure out where C2 is falling down with regards to ads.


    I think he's saying that it's not worth it in C2. BTW thanks for the figures as well. It's always good to get real info.

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  • That's an interesting topic !

    On my side it seems to work right, my game don't have that much of downloads but it seems to be generating money

    yesterday, 4,17$ for 294 impressions ... rescue1216

    *its on android only

  • 4 downloads 294 impressions for $17? What magic is this? That's eCPM of 57.83. With those figures I'd have $2,370 for my 41,000 impressions

  • codah He wrote 4.17$ for 294 impressions not 17$

    Ultragames What exporter did you use? XDK or CocoonJS? And remember to tell your friends who test your games not to click on the ads. Google understands that your first couple of downloads are your friends and they will ban you from admob if they see too much ad clicking going on.

  • codah He wrote 4.17$ for 294 impressions not 17$


    haha still pretty good

  • Haha thanks, I hope my friends didn't click too much

    Anonnymitet I've used intel XDK, with the cranberry games plugin for admob, exported with crosswalk. The only thing I don't like about crosswalk is that it makes a massive file to dowload. Christmas Rescue was like 5-7 mb and after export to crosswalk it jumps to 20mb.

    I've also make a «spin the bottle » game. The competition have something like 1mb files and my game is like 20mb again ! can't compete with that !!

  • , I'll try your Kim Jong game tomorrow it seems to be fun !! Nice pixel style !

  • Any updates on this topic?

    I'm interested as I want to release an app for Android.

    Is it better to use the C2 Admob plugin and export using Crosswalk or CocconJS and Mopub/Admob?

    Any info appreciated.

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