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  • Hey every1!

    I have a game near completion and I plan on exporting it to GooglePlay first. Initially I tried exporting with crosswalk using intel-xdk, but at some point it started lagging badly, I switched to cocconjs and I got 60 fps, after I added more of the sprites I was lacking initially, it started running in 30 fps, after cleaning the events, and properly resizing and croping every image in the game it started running at 59 fps but still lagging very bad.... The game was initially 1920/1080, I remade it from scratch with 1280/720 and exported with cocconjs again, now it runs at a constant 59 fps again but the lags did not go away 100%, even tho it's playable, the lag still ruins the gaming experience. Is this problem go away after I compile trough ludei since now I'm launching the exported zip trough cocconjs or is there something I have to do about it? My android device is a Samsung Note II and it runs perfectly with much more complex games.

    Thx a lot in advance!

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  • Try compressing your png files and from what i experienced after compiling app will lag a little at first run but performs well later .

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