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  • Hi there,

    I am fairly new to C2 but not new to game development at all. I read a few tutorial and made a few test games and everything works fine so far.

    Since I am experienced in other engines and game design in general I figured I try a project of mine I had in my head for a while. It's a small open world game. And so far everything worked exactly the way it should. My layouts load, the player moves in between them and everything looks very nice.

    Until I started to create multiple doors into different parts of the same layout.

    You see, I figured I measure the X and Y cooridnates of the door to determine what door it is. This is then stored in a global variable. So if the player goes through a door, the variable is read and puts the player to the correct position. And this works exactly as I want it to - with ONE flaw: The player is kinda stuck in a jumping up and down motion and cant get to anywhere.

    Now of course I tried to find the problem. So I removed the "Set Position" aspect of the events and all of a sudden changing layouts works asit should. But I need to set the player to the correct position of course, otherwise it won't make much sense to have multiple doors into a layout.

    So now I need help to fix my jumpy problem. Here is how my event sheet is set up for that file:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    If I remove the red circled part, the level changing works. The way its now the player seems to be stuck in a falling/jumping loop but cant move.

    Any ideas?


  • Does your layout share the same event sheet? If yes, is your DoorVariable a global variable? If it is then it will keep setting your PlayerBox to position 722,689 every tick.

    You can try setting DoorVariable to 0 after set position.

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  • That exactly did the trick. Works flawless now. Thank you very much for your quick help :)

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