How do I open web page in default browser in crosswalk?

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  • Is it anyway possible? I want to add more games button, but open in new window does not work...

  • Same issue here. I have added the IntelXDK object to my project and have tried the IntelXDK "Launch External Site" action, but it always opens up an in-app webview rather than the phone's default browser.

  • After poking around a bit, I realized that the "IntelXDK" object actions don't seem to do anything in Crosswalk. URLs are only opened using the "Browser" object. This means that if someone clicks on a link to my webpage in the app, they are taken to the page but can't navigate back because there are no browser buttons or a URL bar. The Android "Back" button doesn't work either.

    Any ideas? It seems like there should be an obvious solution that I'm missing.

  • Results of troubleshooting:

    The IntelXDK "Is in IntelXDK" condition is not evaluating as true when I compile to Crosswalk (stable) or to (beta).

    The IntelXDK "Launch External Site" action is not firing in either of the beta or stable Crosswalk releases.

    The Browser object's "Open in a New Window" action IS firing, but it is not opening a new window. Rather, it is navigating to the new page. But without the back button, you are stuck on the new page and can't go back to the game.

    I hate to say it, but I might be forced to use CocoonJS because of this.

  • Was there a solution to getting stuck in the 'browser'? I have the same issue I have a link to my full app version on google play but it means the user gets stuck =(

  • The Browser object's 'Open URL' action should work in Crosswalk in r169+.

    The Intel XDK object does nothing in Crosswalk. It only applies to AGI (formerly DirectCanvas). The object is actually renamed to "Intel AGI" in the latest betas.

  • The Browser object's 'Open URL' action should work in Crosswalk in r169+.

    And when is one of those versions hitting Steam?

    C2 is stuck at r168 on Steam and I can't sell a couple games on Android just for this problem/bug

  • Beta releases are made simultaneously on our main site and on Steam. See

  • It still does not work... I mean Open In New Window... Itested now, with latest Crosswalk and Construct

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  • The Browser object's 'Open URL' action should work in Crosswalk in r169+.

    This isn't working for me lately recently with Crosswalk though I have gotten it to work before.

    Right now my action looks like this:

    Browser | Go to "<url here>" in a new window ("NewWindow")

    It works on my computer but not Android device. Anyone have success with this recently? Maybe I need to configure my settings in the Intel XDK or something... will post update if I figure out the solution.

    EDIT: Found the solution in another thread. You need to edit the "Intent (External Whitelist)" field in Intel XDK to either use * or if you want to specify exactly what you want to whitelist you can. Thanks to this thread for the solution:

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