Open url in new window (tab vs. window) bug?/glitch?

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  • EDIT : i switched the behavior back to instant so it stopped opening in a second window for the time being since no one seems to be able to help. i'm still curious however if anyone has an answer!

    so i'm rebuilding my website using construct 2 and i'm running into a strange problem. i don't quite think this is a bug and i don't actually think it has anything to do with c2 (more than likely the browser is causing it)

    i have a couple of buttons that will take you to different sites like my youtube and soundcloud. i want the button to play a small noise and display a graphic effect after being clicked. when i use the 'open url in new window' command in the browser object it will work correctly and open the new site in a new tab within the browser. but if i add a 2 second delay to allow the sound to play and the graphic effect to display (first chrome says 'pop up blocker' and i have to allow it to open) and secondly, the new window will open up in literally a new unattached window in chrome. the discography button works fine because i have it set to open in the same window (i couldn't do that with youtube or soundcloud because i'm assuming the fact that the domain is masked is getting in the way of that, the links just refused to open when done in the same window.)

    so i guess my question is, is there any way around this behavior? i'm guessing that this is something built into chrome to prevent pop-ups but i find it strange that it works fine as long as i don't introduce a delay into the equation.

    if you want to see what i'm talking about here is the url

    hover the mouse over either eye or the mouth of the warping face in the frame to bring up the buttons. and then click away. (i understand the site is total design failure, i'm actually trying for it to be sort of cryptic and not make sense exactly how to navigate it, i like the idea of people hitting the site, not being able to figure out how to access it further and giving up.)

    oh, and if your on a mobile device i have it set to automatically forward to my wordpress.

  • oh and if there is no solution, i'm fine with just skipping the sound and effect but i figured i'd ask quick just to make sure there isn't a way

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  • Hi transient, are you still here?

    It is funny I am running in the same problem and I made my website with C2 too. What a strange coincidence!

    At this stage if the visitor click the door, first the door opens and then clicking again the link is open in a new tab. I had some feedback from people testing it and they would prefer a more immediate action, so I was trying to let the animation of the door opening finish, add a delay and then launching the link. This would avoid the second click but if I do so, no matter how hard I try calling function, using supporting variables, verifying the end of the animation, nothing. The pop-up wins (tried both on Firefox and Chrome).

    Did you give up or do have you found a solution?


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